Recently, I decided to test out the QUALITY of our marketing myself. I wanted to experience what our clients see first hand and actually step in and sell care to new patients that we market to. And I wanted to do it for a client that was struggling with results.

A client that told us that the “QUALITY” of our patients just wasn’t there.

So last month, I flew into one of our client’s dental practice for 2 days and worked as a case manager. Essentially, I sold dental care for 2 days.

To be honest, I was a little nervous because I have not done face-to-face sales in over 5 years. I have very limited understanding of the implant procedures and I have never in my life worked in a dental practice or have sold dental care before this visit.

But I have sales training and sales experience…10 years of it!

And what I can do is sit in front of another human being and connect with them. I can pull out of them all of their fears, frustrations and challenges. And I can learn what it’s like to walk in their shoes for a day.

And in doing that, I sold $42,000 in dental procedures in 2 days. You read that correctly.

And that was from 2 patients out of 5 consultations that I did. And what was more amazing was last month, we took this same office that was struggling to sell $5,000 a month to over $60,000 a month with 2 days of training.

We 12x’d the ROI, not by changing the targeting or the audiences, but by changing the sales process.

What was missing was not the quality of the patient, but the QUALITY OF THE SALES EXPERIENCE!

You must spend time learning how to sell your care, and sell your care at a high case fee if you want to maximize your ROI.

This cannot be something that you just “wing-it”, or do “off-the-cuff.”

It cannot be something that “you trained on 1 time” a few years back. It takes constant effort to work on, tweak, and make additional improvements on.

I wasn’t born with sales skills. No one is. It’s NOT something that comes natural to me. In fact, I am an introvert by nature.

But it’s something that I’ve spent years training on, years perfecting and endless amount of hours in practice working to improve. (So much that I can pull it out after 5 years, and still use the training that I have).

And I want to make sure you can do the same.

That’s why after talking with other clients, I’ve decided to launch the OG Club.

The focus of the Optimal Growth Club is to help you learn the techniques and skills needed to sell more care and at a higher fee.

This training will include:

Creating a mind-blowing first day new patient experience
Taking a new patient from stranger-to-friend in 30 minutes
Pulling out their “Why” and their motivating factors for purchasing care
The 5 Step Consultation Process
The ROF and Spouse
Handling patient care financials

In addition, we’ll be putting together some of our KEY Management Systems to help you grow your team and create systems in your practice.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more information on the OG Club and how to sign up.

I look forward to helping you sell more of your care,

Dr. James Roman, CEO & President, iVelocity Marketing