Just like you have competitors in your marketplace, we have competitors too.

I have not really sat down to think about it, but over the last 12 months, we’ve had…


Other agencies copy our videos, landing pages, website content


Clients that share our materials with other agencies


Business consultants that share these with other agencies


Business consultants that we work with start their own marketing firms and steal content

And as I write this I’m currently smiling and laughing. Here’s why:

Businesswise, I could have pursued legal actions several times, but I was taught early on by my first business mentor, that focusing on that negative energy just eats at you and prohibits you from going after new money.

But really why I am smiling is I am absolutely grateful for my competition.

I am. And I realize that it sounds crazy.

But unlike my competitors, I realize that I wouldn’t be as good as I am today, without them.

I would not be pushing our company to innovate, provide more services, and go in completely opposite directions as our competitors, if it wasn’t for them being in our marketplace.

I actually need them.

And if I lose a client to them, then I’m happy for them. Because it meant that WE did something to lose the business, and I take that to improve upon our service and our offerings.

If there was no competition, our services would stagnate, we’d be doing the same services we’ve always offered, and there would be no real drive to innovate and improve.

And innovation and mmprovement are where it’s at.  That’s the GROWTH part, and that is what is needed to continue to thrive in business.

So use your competition to help you grow.

Find out what they are not willing to do or offer to their patients. If they offer similar services, then specialize and differentiate what you do. Do it better then your competitors do or combine your services and package it into other useful programs your patients need.

That’s it for this week.


Dr. James Roman
iVelocity Marketing