I called one of my most successful clients, with several practices and a coaching and consulting business on a Saturday, and guess what…

He was working!

That same client a few days later couldn’t take a call because guess what…

He was on a webinar training!

Last year, I had a conversation with a previous client about the fact that I had spent about 2 solid weeks, staying up late until about 12 or 1am to get SOP’s knocked out for some new positions we were hiring for. (I’ve spent the last 3 weeks putting my girls down at 8 and then working until 11 or 12)

He mentioned that he has never stayed up that late working on ANY project for his business.

It was then not surprising for me to learn that the same doctor has over $200,000 in business and credit card debt. And that is NOT including his student loan debt that is well over $200,000.

As the owner of the agency, I occasionally hear that my team members get push back from doctors and staff that don’t want to do calls or follow-up on new patient leads, don’t want to role-play on new patient scripts, and find our system difficult to implement.

When I ask if they do ANY training, I get the same response:

“We’re great, WE DON’T NEED ANY!”

On the opposite side; there is a consistent theme that I see in our most successful clients…


They just never stop learning, never stop growing and are willing to do whatever the hell it takes to be the best at what they do. It’s like there is something in their DNA that will not let them stop learning, no matter how big or successful they are.

Please understand this…

If you don’t work ON your business to improve it and get better results… someone else is working on theirs.

If you don’t want to answer your phones on the weekend or forward them to marketing cell phone during off hours… your competition is.

If you don’t want to spend time sales training, role playing, working ON your business… your competition sure as hell is working on theirs.

You DON’T have to work on improving ANYTHING in your life and business.

But don’t you dare expect to get what those of us who do work late hours, weekends, have more of…


At iVelocity, we’re not selling easy here…

We’re selling success!


Dr. James Roman
iVelocity Marketing

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