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It was a year into my marriage that I found myself sitting in a course at church for newlyweds. My wife and I were listening to a couple who had been married for over 30 years share their experience with a group of over 20 couples.

And I’ll never forget what they told me. The shared some of their experience with being married for that long and they were just real with everyone. What they shared with us, was this:

To truly have a great, long-lasting marriage, that would stand the test of time; each one of us was going to have to put into our relationship, as much energy as anything else that we wanted to be successful at.


Meaning that we were going to have put TIME, FOCUS and ENERGY to be able to grow and change with each other as time went by.


They said it would not be easy.


They said it would take constant work.


They said at times we would question whether or not we would want to continue.

But at the end, if we put the time, energy and focus on it, it would provide a rewarding relationship that would stand the test of time.

The payoff would be huge.

That is business in a nutshell.

It is not easy.
It takes constant work and effort.
And at times, you question whether or not you want to continue.

But the payoff for all of work, all of the energy we put in, is huge.

My father was a mailman for the US Postal Service.  He raised a family of 6 on $24,000 a year. I wouldn’t say that we were poor, but I’ve had a job since I was 10 years old. My business career has taken me places that I could not have dreamed of. Experiences that fill my cup, and a life that I could not have imagined when I was younger.

But none of it has been easy.

It takes constant work and effort.  (After the INC 500 celebration this last year, I was putting in 60 hour work weeks; going in on weekends, and working until 10-11pm each night to improve our systems)

Please do not fall prey to the idea that this is SUPPOSED to be easy. That the freedom you crave for doing what you love every day, is just supposed to fall into your lap.

It does not.

For those of you who put the WORK and effort in for constant improvement; late nights and weekends away from family, so that you can become a better business owner, a better leader of people, and better as a doctor,

I salute you all: You “GET IT.”

It’s in those late nights, those weekends spent working on ourselves, where greatness is produced.

For those who think it SHOULD be easy; that somehow, success SHOULD just be handed to you; nothing else needs to be said.  For chances are you are already experiencing what rest of us fear the most…


That’s it for this week.  Go out and kick some ass!


Dr. James Roman
CEO & President
iVelocity Marketing



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