The Importance Of VIDEO in Building Trust!

There just isn’t anything more powerful than when another person takes the time to say great things about you and your business.  That’s one of the reasons why referrals are so powerful.  Think about that for a second.

In a day and time where consumers have a virtually a million choices at their fingertips, when someone actually takes the time to say something nice about your business, it’s a huge deal.  Especially in 2019!

That is why Video Testimonials work so well for your marketing.

Whether it’s on Facebook, Google, or just posted on your website, video is POWERFUL.

One of the ways that we incorporate video testimonials into our marketing for clients is using Retargeting campaigns.  Once a patient signs up for a either a seminar or a direct office consultation, we retarget them with video testimonials so that by the time the patient walks into the practice, they’ve seen multiple video messages from clients who are happy with your practice.

If you’d like to learn a simple and cheap way to record video testimonials on your smart phone, click over on this short training page, and we’ll walk you through the process.


If you’re not setting aside time each month to shoot testimonials, I highly recommend implementing this process into your practice.  

That’s it for this week,

Dr. James Roman

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