Chiropractic practices are on trend to experience lucrative business growth in the coming years, choosing the right digital marketing agency can help you leverage your potential to be one of the practices that maximize their profits in this rich market. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top chiropractic agencies below to help.

Everywhere in the healthcare industry budgets for online marketing are increasing totaling more than other industries combined. What does that mean for you? More than likely your competitors are focused on outsourcing for effective digital media strategies to gain the attention of your local audience. And, more than likely, the chiropractic marketing agency you choose will determine if you experience the steady growth of 9-10 new patients in your practice each week.

There’s a downside to the promise of rising trends, the rise of ineffective marketing strategies and ineffective marketing agencies that could result in thousands of wasted dollars and missed new patient opportunities. Don’t make costly mistakes, do your research first so you don’t miss out on your potential for success. If you’re not ready to work with an agency, there are resources available to help you choose the best marketing strategies for the coming year. But your best chance at a high performing marketing campaign is choosing one of these proven effective agencies with many success stories to back it up.

1. Ivelocity Marketing

“Ivelocity Marketing sets itself apart from other chiropractic marketing agencies by delivering both new business and continuity for clients looking to solidify their foothold in the industry.”

Ivelocity Marketing is a one-stop-shop integrated digital marketing agency that specializes in elevating the success and presence of chiropractic practices. Ivelocity Marking offers a targeted menu of services to help you saturate and dominate your market with brand building strategies, maximized digital marketing campaigns to supercharge lead generation, email marketing, staff efficiency techniques, landing and web page optimization and careful market analysis for optimal results. Ivelocity Marketing offers flexibles solutions that are customizable to fit every practice. Ivelocity Marketing sets itself apart from other chiropractic marketing agencies by delivering both new business and continuity for clients looking to solidify their foothold in the industry.

The Ivelocity Marketing team has over 50+ years of collective experience in healthcare, chiropractic care, and marketing so their ability to position chiropractic offices for their greatest potential is unparalleled. With in-depth knowledge of the industry and the needs of your customer base, Ivelocity Marketing’s polished approach to digital marketing has made the agency a favorite among chiropractors, dentists and complementary medicine offices from coast to coast.

2. Chiroscout

Chiroscout is a boutique lead generation agency focused on servicing the chiropractic industry. This chiropractic digital marketing agency specializes in branding, designing dynamic websites and, website management. Chiroscout also offers chiropractic digital marketing services including SEO, pay per click marketing and social media strategies. Chiroscout offers strategies that focus on both paid and organic growth of chiropractic practices with a simple straightforward business model.

The Chiroscout team has extensive marketing experience in diverse industries and local targeting. They focus on helping drive growth and lead generation for their clients.

3. Social Chiropractor

Social Chiropractor focuses on providing web design and marketing services for chiropractors. This agency aims to deliver results with a simple process to make marketing simple for chiropractic practices. Social Chiropractor has over 20 years of marketing and web design experience and features attentive support staff and a satisfaction guarantee. Social Chiropractor’s marketing strategy includes branding, engagement and content campaigns to deliver conversions and new patients for clients.

The Social Chiropractor team works to keep their clients ahead in the competition for new patients with up to date digital marketing efforts and a unique customer funnel technique. Social Chiropractor promises custom plans for clients and scalable strategies for every budget.

4. Chiromatrix

Chiromatrix is an online marketing agency that specializes in marketing for chiropractic practices and services. Chiromatrix offers web site creation and management services, branding, content creation, performance reporting, and optimized marketing strategies. Chiromatrix works to offer clients solutions to help get more patients in the door, increase engagement and save chiropractors time and money while growing their business.  

Chiromatrix focuses on creating a strong web presence for chiropractic clients with responsive websites and optimized pages. This agency offers SEO solutions and targeted social campaigns to help their clients achieve the results they want and the practice growth they need to remain competitive in local markets.

5. Cardinal Digital Marketing

Cardinal Digital Marketing is a digital marketing firm that specializes in working with industries like healthcare, restaurants, franchise, legal and education. Cardinal Digital Marketing works hard to deliver results across their diverse client list by generating leads, conversions and helping to retain customers. Cardinal Digital marketing offers SEO services to increase web traffic, paid marketing solutions, web design and management, social media marketing strategies, and content management.

Cardinal Digital Marketing promises a “no-fluff” digital marketing approach that delivers quality leads to help you remain competitive in your industry. Cardinal Digital Marketing has compiled a team of experienced marketing professionals that specialize in public relations, digital marketing, and advertising. Cardinal Digital Marketing is celebrated by current and past clients and promises success at local levels.

Partnering with the right chiropractic digital marketing agency can help you unlock the potential of your practice and save you time and money as you reach your business goals. Keep in mind that every partnership decision requires research and consideration so, explore these top agencies to find the one that fits best with your needs and practice.