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Why iVelocity?

So many companies promise many things. Right now in the culture we live in everything seems to be changing at lightning speed and promises are shifting along with it. We can’t promise a soda fountain, on-site snacks, ping-pong table or gourmet coffee. We have a promise that stands the test of time and culture. Our vision, mission and values – we have the intangibles. We are a strong, united and innovative company that highlights work-life balance by being a completely virtual company. We do not have a building that connects us. We have a unified vision to connect patients in need to an excellent healthcare provider as well as provide innovative marketing strategies to medical device or software companies that are seeking to powerfully impact our American healthcare system. We change lives one day at a time.

We love our work


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We seek to create a culture of like-minded individuals that are uniquely designed to impact the world in the way they were created. A culture that encourages, equips, empowers and emancipates team members to flourish in their life and career. We seek to create a culture of innovators as we continue to impact one life at a time through our strategic and unique marketing campaigns. You can gain insight in learning more about our vision, mission and core values below to see if they align with your career/life goals.



iVelocity and Jairus exist to make a positive impact on the American healthcare system and to spread the gospel through our words and actions.



iVelocity will connect patients in need with exceptional service providers and care solutions.



Driven to glorify God through our work
Driven, Ambitious and Hardworking
Commitment to a positive attitude
Better than yesterday

“We are a family!”

Jake Hunter | SEO Specialist & Web Developer

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