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Charleston Pain Relief Center


When Dr. Angela Tharnish reached out to us for help, she was a facing some significant challenges. She had invested heavily in her practice to ensure all her patients would receive top quality care. But now she needed a fresh pipeline of new patients to come in and make all that work worthwhile. Unfortunately, she was finding it difficult for the Charleston Pain Relief Center to cut through the noise and have people hear about her practice. Luckily, these problems are commonplace to us, so we knew exactly how to help her.

What We did


SEO/Google Search

Facebook Lead Gen


Optimized for SEO


New Calls

(in 1 month)

Online Submissions

(in 1 month)

Campaign Goals

The problem


Dr. Tharnish needed some new clients right away to help the practice be secure. But she also needed a long-term solution that could benefit her for years to come. She needed to build a true pipeline of new clients that would find her, which is why we decided to run a digital advertising play combined with an SEO strategy. We knew that we could use some highly targeted ad spend to cover us with new patients in the short term as we helped improve her organic search rankings. We created a plan. We built the assets. We launched our campaigns. And then we started to see success almost immediately.

Our Solution


These days she is receiving a lot of leads every month. In two months of running our campaigns, her practice received 34 online form submissions and 54 calls to her office from our efforts. And those came from a total of only $3,300 in ad spend. In September of 2020, she closed about $15,000 in new patients from our efforts, and she did over $10,000 the next month. Also, as of October 2020, her site is now 99.9% optimized for SEO according to Google. This has resulted in improvements to her target keyword rankings, which are now mostly top of page. That means prospective patients in her practice area now search the web and find her organically, in addition to those coming in through the ads.

It’s your turn


So now that you know we’ve helped Dr. Tharnish create a pipeline of new business for her practice, you should believe that our teams can do it for yours as well. All we have to do is evaluate your market, create a plan to engage your audiences, and then launch some targeted campaigns. So if you are curious about what this might look like for your practice, let us know, and we’d be happy to walk you through the process.

“We have never been busier”

Dr. Angela Tharnish | Chiropractor & Owner of Charleston Pain Relief Center

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