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Social Media Marketing For Dentists, Chiropractors and Integrated Medical Practices! 

For healthcare professionals, running a small business, and managing the day-to-day operations of their practice can create a constant stress of moving from one task to the next.

Between treating patients, managing staff, and running a busy office, setting up and managing an online Social Media Campaign ranks pretty low on the daily “To Do” list. That’s why at Ivelocity Marketing we provide the content and to manage you online social media campaigns for you.  In addition, with our training, your staff will be able to run and manage your Social Media in a few minutes each and every week.

The combination of providing ongoing Social Media content with fresh blog updates and SEO campaigns provides your patient base with a constant feeling of being “in touch” with you and your staff.  This creates an incredible source or referrals for you office and creates a constant connection between you and your patients.

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I’ve been working with iVelocity for the past 3 months and on average we’ve been starting 20-30 QUALIFIED new patients per month. In addition, Dr. Roman and his team are fun-loving people to work with and any questions we ever have, they are right there to answer it.

Dr. Joe Mills

Greenville SC

Before I started working with James and iVelocity, I spent over $10,000 with an online marketing firm that produced ZERO results. After working with iVelocity, we now produce over 20 new patients consistently each month, and it’s the cheapest form of new patient marketing for my practice.

Dr. Atlee Wampler

Atlanta, GA

We Offer a Comprehensive Marketing Solution for Dental, Chiropractic & Integrated Medical Offices