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Our journey with Greenville, SC based Summers Orthodontics started the same way it does with all our clients, with a campaign kickoff meeting. This meeting gives our teams the opportunity to get fully aligned with our clients before moving into the research phase. We want to know who we are targeting. We want to know about our client’s value adds. We want to know what search terms people are using to find them. We want to know what motivates their patients to seek care. And once we fully understand the situation at hand, we turn our team loose to dig in.

What We did


Facebook Lead Gen

Lead Conversion

New Patients

(in only 2 months)


New Business
(from only $5,351 ad spend)


(Return on Ad Spend)

Campaign Goals



Our teams evaluate search term prices and competition. They research various locations and uncover the differences between the markets. They evaluate opportunities and costs of various social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. And with our Gaidge clients, we benefit greatly because we have valuable data provided to our team to help us understand a practice’s market and opportunities.

Our teams do all this work, so we can feel confident we are building only the most efficient ad campaigns for our clients. Since every ad dollar we spend on our client’s behalf come directly from their pockets, we want to ensure we are producing the most bang for each buck. And with Summers, boy did we come out with a bang!

Facebook Advertising


For our proof of concept campaign, we decided the most efficient spend would be on Facebook with an ad promoting an exam that came with a free tooth-whitening once the treatment was completed. We built a campaign to target parents within a 12-mile radius of their practice location that had children between the ages of 6 and 17. We even used the data from past-patients to build lookalike audiences based on the characteristics of those patients. So Facebook used the mold of past successes to help us locate and target other people that might be in need of similar services, and we produced a lot of results extremely quickly.

In the first two months we ran the campaign, Summers closed 15 of their 131 leads into new patients, accounting for over $82,000 of new patient work. Even more remarkable is the fact that we did so while only spending $5,351 in ad costs.

Thanks to the extremely valuable information provided Gaidge combined with our team’s unique approach to leverage said data, iVelocity Marketing was able to jump in and immediately start providing positive ROI for Summers Orthodontics. In only a few months of operating our campaigns, they had closed 11% of the leads we provided into new patients paying for the care they need. Needless to say, the client was very excited by our results and eager to continue pushing forward.

“They transformed my practice!”

Dr. Jeffery C. Summers | Dentist & Owner of Summers Orthodontics

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