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How to Shoot Really Awesome Video Content

3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Stabilize Your Camera or Phone when Shooting & Shoot it Horizontal, not vertical.

Video that is shot well, can increase advertising 10x. However, video that is done poorly, can virtually kill any marketing or promotional campaign. The first step is using a tripod for either your camera or Iphone. This is extremely important. No one likes to watch a shaky video, and when you hold your phone and try to shoot a testimonial video, it looks unprofessional.

In addition, if you are using a phone, shoot it horizontal, not vertical. This means the phone must be on it’s side so you can get a full video size. If you shoot it vertically, when we edit the video, it will look like it’s been shot on a phone, instead of with a professional camara.

Step 2: Use a Mic, clipped to the patient or yourself.

Sound quality is just as important as video quality.  Most phones have a pretty decent quality mic on them, but they will also pick up additional sounds from the office, ie: Office Music, Patients and Doctors talking in the background.  If you want better quality sound, you can purchase a mic that plugs into either your camera or phone.  Since I have an Iphone, we use this mic that you can purchase on Amazon.

Sennheiser ClipMic digital Mobile Recording Microphone for iOS Devices

Step 3: Use Natural Outside Lighting, no overhead lights!

The biggest problem with most testimonials is that they are shot in the treatment rooms which have horrible overhead lighting. The overhead lighting creates shadows on the patient faces and ends up producing a poor quality video. If you have a window in the office that gives you solid outside lighting shining into the office, here is where you want to shoot the video. In most offices, this is the waiting room with front office windows. If you have another area of the office, you can use that area. What I’ve done before is just set up in the front office and pull patients aside to shoot in that area and just tell them it will only take 2 minutes. With 99% of the patients, they don’t have a problem with this. This will end up giving solid natural lighting that lights up their faces and produces a solid video quality.

Step 4: Don’t Get Too Technical

If you are recording a message from the Doctor about what you do to help potential patients; whether it be the type of treatments you offer or the success rates, keep it simple. Don’t get too technical, we don’t want it to turn into a presentation. Take this as an opportunity to talk about why your office is different than others and that they can trust you to take care of them.

Follow these steps and all of your videos will look awesome!