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You struggle with getting more high dollar cash patients into your Chiropractic or Functional Medicine Practice!


You’ve seen a massive drop in your advertising ROI either on Facebook or Google!


You don’t have a system for monetizing on your old leads or old patients!


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At iVelocity Marketing, for over 7 years now, we’ve lead the field in marketing Regenerative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Integrated and Chiropractic services. An INC 500 company, we currently manage over $400,000 a month in paid advertising for our clients and we know what’s working and what’s not working in the field of digital marketing. And we want to share that knowledge with you.

Dr. Ben, Florence, KY – A 5 Year Client!

Dr. Ben, Pittsburgh, PA; Saw a 10 to 1 ROI

Dr Angela Tharnish, Charleston, SC – 70% Show Rates

Dr. Roman didn’t over-promise. He didn’t take our money and vanish. He simply delivered. He provided training on how to make the most out of his system that consistently generates a steady, easy to handle flow of new NSSD patient leads into our office. We are now 3 months into our campaign and just experience our 2 best collection months yet… ALL CASH.

Dr. Len Molzcan

Bonita Springs, FL

Before I started working with James and iVelocity, I spent over $10,000 with an online marketing firm that produced ZERO results. After working with iVelocity, we now produce over 20 new patients consistently each month, and it’s the cheapest form of new patient marketing for my practice.

Dr. Atlee Wampler

Atlanta, GA

I’ve been working with iVelocity for over 3 years now, and he experience has been great. Dr. Roman and his team know their business very well and are very attentive to all my concerns. Most importantly, I’m working with someone who truly cares about the success of my business. The advice and help I’m receiving is from someone who has been there before and actually has done it successfully before.

Dr. David Slossberg

Lakeworth, FL

I can’t say enough how much iVelocity has helped our social media marketing. We have tried several other companies and none were able to deliver more than just a few “likes” on our page. Almost instantly we received requests for appointments. Last month 30% of our revenue came from iVelocity’s social media campaigns. These guys know what they are doing!

Dr. Michael Bell


iVelocity has been an instrumental part of our marketing team; they have handled all our Internet and face book marketing for the last four years. Not only do they handle our marketing, but they also help train the front desk so they know how to handle the calls that come in from the Internet and face book advertising. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable company to handle all aspects of Internet and social media marketing.

James Roman and his iVelocity staff have been a huge component to our clinic’s growth. They operate with us in the upmost professionalism and are great at explaining their methods in a way that someone with no IT experience can understand. Great company that gets us great results. Easy 5 stars.

Dr. Paul Constante


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The 5 Keys to New Patient Acquisition: The Market Dominator System

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How To Design An Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Practice That’s Unstoppable, and UNSTEALABLE!


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