We at iVelocity Marketing have created a one stop shop for all of your digital marketing needs. Over the 50+ years of combined marketing experience within our company we have developed a suite of services to fit every need that you could imagine and then some. All of these services were designed with you, our clients, in mind. When you work with us we look at your specific needs and come up with the perfect solution to help you grow your practice. We design marketing solutions to make your life and the life of those involved in your practice easier.

Ever wonder how easy life could be if all your marketing was in one place?

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The Market Dominator is our all-in-one, heavy hitter, integrated marketing solution. With this you will dominate your market and consistently bring in new leads. Using a combination of our highly targeted SEO campaigns and niche-focused content (videos and articles) we can make sure that your website and video content become ranked in your city and town. Also, not only will we rank your site in your city, we will help you choose the top 3 cities surrounding your office to make sure that you rank for those cities as well.

Ever wonder what it would be like to have your own team of writers?

Our skilled team of writers create effective and highly-tailored content, that content gets applied to our “gold funnel” strategy, and all that together churns out qualified leads for your practice. That is our brand builder. Our Brand Builder makes sure that your potential patients are tended to throughout the customer acquisition cycle by serving up useful content at every step of their decision-making process.

Ever wonder how much easier life would be if all you had to do was call a lead?

Our system utilizes our unique follow-up system, and automates the process for your team. The Marketing Maximizer’s automated system, sends notifications to potential leads so that the only thing your team has to do is call each lead. The system also keeps up with data for each lead using an in-depth reporting integration.

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Practice Expander

Our customized adwords campaigns done by our in house Google Adwords experts to expand your reach.

practice expander

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Call Center

We Deliver Results

At iVelocity Marketing, we use our integrated marketing suites to provide life changing results for your practice. Our solutions work because the marketing we provide is specific to your practice and your practice needs.

Our Tools are Your Tools

We have a variety of tools available for your benefit. Access our blogs, videos, and more at the click of a button.

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SEO Wins

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Data is the NEW Black

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